How will you be dressed for our date?

I have a sporty, simple style of dressing. Other times I prefer it very playful or sexy. Please let me know if you have any wishes, as it makes me happy to see your eyes light when I have met your taste exactly. This applies in particular to underwear / lingerie. My closet is quite small; for longer dates, I am happy to acquire your desired outfit.

What happens if the chemistry is just not right?

Because I am a very open person, this has honestly never happened before. Should you not feel 100% comfortable, please let me know immediately. I do not take it personally and I appreciate your honesty. If you decide to end the date within the first half hour, I will refund your payment, minus a fair fee for expenses.
I also maintain this option open for myself, in which case you will of course receive a refund for the entire fee.

What kind of erotic services do you offer?

My fee is solely for the time we spend together. Everything that happens between us during that time happens as a product of the mood and desires of all parties involved.
Let's explore our preferences together, because what I like and dislike often depends on the situation and my partner.
Please note: no matter how well we get along or how often we have met, I do not have sex without a condom. I am not only protecting my own health, but also yours and that of my other sexual partners.

How can I prepare for our date?

Please take a shower and brush your teeth beforehand. If you are on the road before, you can also do so during our date. Simple things like that help me relax and enjoy our time together!

Where can we meet?

I am looking forward to a date e.g. in a bar, restaurant or theater. After that, we can make ourselves comfortable in a nice hotel (at least four stars).
If I have known you for a long time and know your full name and address, then depending on my gut feeling, home visits are also possible.

What are your prepayment and cancellation conditions?

Our first date? I look forward to getting to know you soon and ask for a prepayment of 30% of my fee. The same applies to dates outside of Berlin. If something should come up before the date, I will keep the deposit, which will be honored for our next date within six months.

Can I meet you in other cities?

For bookings longer than six hours, I will happily travel to other cities that can be reached by train within four hours. For an overnight stay, I will also cover longer distances. I largely avoid air travel, but I really, really enjoy long journeys by train. Just contact me and we'll find a way to see each other.
All travel expenses will be covered by you.